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Project Description

Window Manipulation for the Microsoft Touch Mouse provides a set of simple gestures for moving and resizing windows.

How to install and run the program

Make sure you have a Microsoft touch mouse before running this software. (
  1. Go to the "Downloads page" and download the installer (x86).
  2. Run "Install Window Touch.msi".
  3. When the installer finishes, go to Start->Programs->Microsoft/Window Touch (or whatever path you chose during installation) to start the gesture recognizer. A WPF window will appear showing the current touch points on the mouse.
  4. You should now be able to use the gestures! Close the window displaying the touch points to exit the program.
The gestures work best when the back and forward gestures for the touch mouse are disabled. To disable, go to Microsoft Mouse, in the "Touch Tab", and disable "Right/Left to go forward/back".

How to use the new gestures


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