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Window Manipulation with the Microsoft Touch Mouse

How to install and run the program

Prerequisites: Make sure you have a Microsoft touch mouse before running this software. You can get the Touch Mouse form

1. Go to the "Downloads page" and download the installer (x86).
2. Run "Install Window Touch.msi".
3. When the installer finishes, go to Start->Programs->Microsoft/Window Touch (or whatever path you chose during installation) to start the gesture recognizer. A WPF window will appear showing the current touch points on the mouse.
4. You should now be able to use the gestures! Close the window displaying the touch points to exit the program.

How to use the new gestures

1. Moving a window: Place the cursor anywhere over the window. Press and hold with three fingers near the top of the mouse. Drag to move the window.

2. Resizing a window: Click with one or two fingers on the window. Drag the second finger horizontally or vertically to resize. (Recommended method is to click with the forefinger and drag the thumb to resize.

Other notes

We recommend that you disable all built-in gestures on the touch mouse except for scrolling when using Window Touch. We found that our gestures occasionally overlapped with the built-in ones, resulting in some false positives.

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